Paul BondPersonal Thoughts

Welcome to my new blog!

With all the changes in outlives theist month or so, I have begun to sense the need to blog again. So, here it is!

What can you expect from my posts? Well, a bit of everything to be honest. As a nurse practitioner, I will tend to write about health or medical things. Obviously, the current COVID incident will come up, but I’ll discuss other topics too. Things like medical breakthroughs or new research, nutritional supplements and alternative methods of care, and other related topics. But then there will be the posts about music, life in general, and even the odd esoteric post. Pretty much a hodgepodge of ideas on life.

So come back often or sign up to learn when I post something. I promise it will make you think, and maybe even evoke some strong feelings about things. So let’s get started!