National Nutrition Month

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To celebrate and help bring awareness to National Nutrition Month, and to celebrate the opening of my new site, I am offering 50% off the usual prices of ALL of my programs!


That’s right, Take 50% off the normal price of ANY programĀ 


For the entire month of March, you can go through my all natural 12 Day Detox, or learn how keeping your gut healthy can keep YOU healthy. Or, you can sign up for my 12 Week Medically Guided Weight Loss Program for half the normal price! Just use the code “nutrition” when you check out and you’ll get half off the normal price of any program.


If you’ve been wanting to get healthy, feel better, have more energy, or lose weight and not put it back on, now is the time to act. Take advantage of me! Come take a look and see for yourself what these programs are about. No one offers a better detox or weight loss program!


No gimmicks. No potions or shakes to buy. These programs are all natural, whole food based, and medically and clinically healthy. There’s no monthly food order or powder to buy or worry about. Just solid information, guidance, support, and most importantly, coaching to help you reach YOUR health goals. I work WITH you to design the program to meet YOUR needs and goals.


Check it out and see for yourself! And, while you’re there, sign up for my weekly newsletter or take my 5 Day No Sugar Challenge! They’re both free, and can help transform your life for the better!


Just click the button below and jump over to my new site! You won’t be disappointed!



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