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If you’re tired of seeing your Facebook feed chocked full of political posts day in and day out, I may have some help for you!


Some people I know have just left Facebook altogether, but others don’t want to leave, since it’s a way to remain connected to family and friends the world over. But, they’re certainly just outright sick and tired of ALL the political postings that have filled their feeds. And with all the anger and frustration on all sides of things, who can blame them??


Others would like to see, read, and even participate in SOME of the political “discussions”, but can’t afford to do it all day, every day like some others seem to be able to.


So what to do?? 


Well, you COULD limit yourself to going onto FB at only certain times of the day. But that would mean you might be behind on some things from your friends that you really would like to know about. And let’s face it, Facebook IS one way people can socialize when they’re so far from their loved ones, and can feel they’re still connected to friends in other places. For others, it’s also a way to get news from their hometown, while the “check in” feature is a good thing to have for disasters. There are others who are on Facebook for either business or education, or other things that groups are used for. But these people aren’t interested in weeding through all the political garbage just to get to their groups, or pages, or even to read news from back home.


So, in an effort to help  you limit the amount of things you DON’T want to see, I found a few things that might help!


First, if you use Google’s Chrome browser, there’s an add-on that says it will remove all political posts from your feed. It’s called Remove All Politics From Facebook, and it installs a simple switch on your browser that lets you turn it on or off.

The next one is called Social Fixer, and it also blocks political posts on your feed. It adds a wrench icon to your FB toolbar that allows you to customize filters for your feed. This one can be used for things other than politics too!

Another Chrome add-on called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook will remove your entire feed and replace it with motivational quotes instead, keeping you from surfing at all. Great for when you HAVE to get some things done, but want to go peak at FB now and again, knowing you’ll get caught up for hours and not get your work done.


So there are three pretty good options to help you limit your stress when you’re surfing Facebook. And let’s face it, many (most) people have become tired, frustrated, and fed up with how much political posting – and the tone of it – continues.

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