Find it hard to Concentrate? Maybe it’s the Sugar in Your Diet!

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Do you find it hard to concentrate on what you’re doing? Maybe you get those mid day droops when you’d just love to take a little cat nap. Or maybe you find it hard to stay focused during meetings. We’ve all been there.┬áLack of focus or not being able to concentrate can be from many things. Too many things going on, not enough sleep, worry or stressing over other areas in your life…they can all contribute to a lack of being able to concentrate.


But, one thing many people don’t realize that contributes to a lack of concentration is your diet. Yep, what you eat can affect your brains’ ability to think clearly and stay focused on what you are working on.


You see, the brain is a very sensitive organ. It needs certain chemicals, and in certain amounts, to function properly. One of these is sugar, or more specifically glucose. Another is called glutamic acid, which is found in many vegetables. While the chemistry behind it can be hard to follow, it basically comes down to how much sugar you take in. See, too much sugar in your diet, the bacteria in your gut that manufacture vitamin B complexes die. When the vitamin B levels decrease, glutamic acid is not processed from the vegetables (or maybe you’re not eating enough veggies to begin with!?!?). This leads to increased feelings of being tired and an inability to focus, and decreases your short term memory function. It also can lead to free radicals in the brain that can make it difficult to focus on even menial tasks. It also affects your ability to pay attention properly.


So if you’re finding it hard to concentrate on things, maybe it’s time you looked at your diet. All of those empty calorie, high sugar containing snacks we all love to bring to the office (cookies, candies, etc.) are actually decreasing your ability to function properly and get your work done.


I’ve put together a challenge to help you break free of the sugar addiction. It’s a 5 day no sugar challenge, and it’s starting Monday, the 6th.


You can sign up to join here


You’ll get great tasting, easy to make recipes, a shopping list of good foods, tips to get you started and keep you going, and a supportive community to help you get through! The group opens Sunday so you can get a head start and hit the ground running Monday morning. Join up now! Your body and brain will thank you for it!


To Your Health,


Paul Bond, RN, MSN, FNP-C

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