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I have not one, but TWO surprises coming next week!!


First, I’ve blogged before about the dangers of added sugars, and for those who have subscribed to my newsletter, you know I’ve written about these dangers in a bit more depth there too. I feel so strongly about educating people as to where these sugars are in our foods, and how bad they are that coming Monday, I am going to kick off a 5 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge!!!


Kicking the sugar habit by avoiding feelings of deprivation and instead indulging in real, whole, simple, clean eating is the way to success. It might even be life changing. I DO know that it will help build a good foundation for better health!!

Why only five days you wonder? Well, while it’s a short period of time, it’s a short period of time!! Any one can do something like this for JUST FIVE DAYS!! It’s a nice way to start out and see just what it’s like to be added sugar free and just how it feels!! And, after five days, I’m so sure you’ll be enjoying it and feeling better that you’ll want to continue on!! At least that’s what I’m going for!

So just what will you get if you decide to do this with me? Well, here’s what I’ll have available for you:

  • A no added sugar shopping list
  • Healthy, no added sugar recipes to try
  • Tips and tricks to help you do it!!
  • A community to support you

And best of all, it’s FREE!! There’s no cost to get in!! All you have to do is sign up and start!! Start when you want, and keep it going for as long as you want! The only thing I ask is that once you start, give it the five full days. ANYONE can do five days!! And with my challenge, you won’t be doing it alone. You’ll have plenty of help and support, and all the information you need to get you through!!


Look for it!!


The second surprise is something I’ve had in the works for some time now. Up until now, I’ve done all my blogging through this site ( Well, come Monday, I’m opening my brand new site!! It will be dedicated totally to health and wellness coaching, including my blog, health programs, recipes, and other wellness related information!!


I’m really excited about this next step!! This site will be the ultimate resource for you to help you live better and learn and put into action the lifestyle changes that can help you get healthier and live better! From dietary changes to lifestyle changes, to even learning meditation, this site will have it all!! I’m even going to be adding information on essential oils and how you can use them in your life!! And all of this have evidence to back up what I post/discuss. As you know, I am a nurse and nurse practitioner. I won’t recommend anything that I haven’t researched and found proof that it’s healthy, or that the claims made aren’t true! There are so many sources available that it can be hard to figure out who’s telling you the truth and who’s pushing snake oil. I can help you figure out the difference, and that’s one BIG difference MY site will have!


And, just because I’m opening the new site, I’m going to have some specials!! For the rest of this month, you’ll be able to take advantage of my programs at reduced rates, and for anyone who wants to take high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements, that you can trust, I’m going to offer 20% the already very competitive prices for your first order!!


So look for my grand opening Monday and come by and take a look at the site!! I promise you’ll like what you see!!

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